Rail supports

High quality rail supports

Our high quality synthetic rubber rail supports 85° Shore A with steel core.


“Our rail supports are now available in 100 m roll”

Dennis Priebe, Sales department Rail Supports

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Our rail support systems use high-quality materials and production monitoring according to the highest quality standards to ensure maximum service life. High quality synthetic rubber 85° Shore A with steel core and a one-sided profiled surface for a soft suspension properties and an ideal pressure distribution.



  • Significant vibration and acoustic damping
  • Avoidance of wearing of the rail on the top flange
  • Reduced tension in the top flange construction
  • Corrosion prevention between flange of the rail and crane runway
  • Prevention of rail breakages
  • High quality industrial rubber with vulcanised steel core
  • Profiled and rounded design for the best possible distribution of the absorbed compressive stress
  • Hardness: 85° Shore A
  • Admissible wheel pressure: 650 kN (may vary slightly depending to the rail profile)
  • Cut to desired length, in 12 m commercial length or, as 100 m roll

Additional services

  • Competent consultation by our product experts
  • Application analysis for determinating the optimal designs
  • Cut to length or available as 100 m roll
  • High availibility and short delivery times

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Dennis Priebe

Dennis Priebe

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