Wheel sets

Wheel sets according to DIN-standards, TGL-standard, company standards or special designs

With our high-quality and robust design of our drive and idler wheel are produced from forged steel, cast steel or spheroidal cast iron, we supply a customer-specific solution for every application. All wheel solutions are made in Germany.


“We deliver individual components or pre-finished assemblies, all inclusive.”

Thomas Miesner, Sales Wheel sets

Made in Germany

Heavy duty and robust design from in-house production.

Precise and simple

Simple processing according to drawing, sketch or sample.

Well informed

Our standard documentation includes a test certification according DIN EN 10204‑2.2


The production in our specialized and efficient CNC turning and milling centres correspond to the highest quality standards.
Through optimized design and the use of high quality materials, our wheel sets achieves maximum service life.


We deliver standard and company standard as well as tailor-made solutions for your application.
Designs with a diameter up to 1,250 mm, drive shafts for coupling flanges, shrink disc, with splines or Hirth splining are not a problem for us. Our production manufacture single components or pre-finished assemblies with accessories.

Surface protection and lubrication

  • Standard corrosion prevention with high quality 2 component primary coat 
  • Multi-layer coating systems up to C5-M, on request
  • Preservation of functional and contact surfaces with Tectyl or spray oil
  • Rolling bearings including grease filling (K2K as standard, special greases according to customer specifications)


  • Test certification according DIN EN 10204-2.2
  • Upon request, inspection certificate according to DIN EN 10204-3.1 or 3.2 (external inspection by classiication society)
  • Optionally also with measurement procotol

Additional services

  • Competent consultation provided by our product experts
  • Application analysis for determinating the optimal design
  • Wear pattern analysis
  • Design also for nuclear facilities

We are there.

Our team will be happy to help you with questions about our components.

Tobias Schmidt

Sales Crane wheels, Wheel blocks
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