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Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts and equipment for our brakes

You can receive our high-quality brake shoes, drum brakes, disc brakes, lining support without brake lining, directly from our production line


“For us, our spare parts are really origin spare parts!”

Dennis Priebe, Sales departement brake spares

High quality original spare parts

Selected materials for a maximum service life.

Precise and simple

Simple identification and guaranteed interchangeability by using current industrial standard.

Well informed

Test reports for all our spare parts delivered on request.


Our production sets benchmarks by using high quality construction steel (S355) or heat treatable steel (C45, 42CrMo4+QT), as well as aluminium quality castings for our brake shoes.
Every spare part receives a final inspection and a dimension check to ensure our quality.


Original KoRo RIW spare parts for maximum service life of your brake. By high spare parts availability and short delivery time, helps us keep downtime as short as possible.

Surface protection and lubrication

  • Corrosion prevention with high quality paint – also multiple coats on request
  • Conservation of functional- and contact surfaces

Test report

We deliver you spare parts with test reports, if requested.

Additional services

  • Competent consultation provided by our product experts
  • Wear analysis to ensure the maximum service life
  • Tailor-made spare parts for your brake

We are there.

Our team will be happy to help you with questions about our components.

Dennis Priebe

Dennis Priebe

Sales Brakes, Rails & Rail Clamping Systems
English, German