Rubber buffers

Rubber buffers for crane applications.

Rubber buffers with inserted plate and threaded pin or mounting plate.

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Lars Weltersbach, Sales department Rubber buffers

Made in Germany

High-quality materials from German production.

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Our rubber buffers use high-quality materials and production monitoring according to the highest quality standards to ensure maximum service life.
Every component is subjected to a detailed final inspection before delivery.


Rubber buffer with inserted plate and threaded pin or on a mounting plate, buffers up to 315 mm in diameter, 250 mm in length and 618 kN max. end force. Made of durable special rubber 75 ° Shore A and, on request, oil or seawater resistant.

Surface protection and lubrication

  • Mounting plates including standard corrosion prevention with high-quality 2 component primer coat
  • Threaded pins and insertion plates galvanized
  • On request, oil or sea water resistant

Additional services

  • High quality materials for maximum service life
  • High availability and short delivery times
  • 100% Made in Germany

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Lars Weltersbach

Lars Weltersbach

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