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Drum brakes

High Performance drum brakes as Standard, steel works or special design.

Our own produced drum brakes are heavy duty, robust and have maintenance-free joints, infinitely adjustable braking torque and synchronous mechanics even release of the brake.


“Our brakes do not speak Chinese. Made in Europe.”

Dennis Priebe, Sales department drum brakes

Robust design

Robust design for a maximum service life.

Precise and simple

Simple processing according to drawing, sketch or sample.

Well informed

A technical data sheet and test report is part of our standard documentation.


Customer specific solutions for drum brakes. Made in Europe with more then 30 years experience in the area of production and development.
Before a delivery takes place, every single brake has to undergo a detailed inspection, including a functional test.


We deliver tailor-made solutions for maximum efficiency. Our robust, heavy duty design, like the maintenance-free joints with self-lubricating bushings and the high-quality ventilation device made in-house, ensure a maximum service life.

Surface protection and lubrication

  • Corrosion prevention with high quality paint – on request also multiple coats
  • Conservation of functional- and contact surfaces
  • Re-lubrication for bearings on request


  • Technical data sheet of the brake
  • Test report of the air device
  • Overview drawing and spare parts list
  • Maintenance- and operating instructions

Additional services

  • Competent consultation provided by our product experts
  • Application analysis for determinating the optimal design
  • Wide range of the different brake lining for your definite application
  • Delivery with or without thruster
  • Automatic wear adjustment
  • Inductive or mechanical limit switch
  • Optional hand release function

We are there.

Our team will be happy to help you with questions about our components.

Dennis Priebe

Dennis Priebe

Sales Brakes, Rails & Rail Clamping Systems
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