Motorised bottom blocks

High Performance bottom blocks with motorised rotatable hook

Our bottom blocks with motorised rotatable load hooks are the result of 30 years experience in production and development of customer-specific solutions. We manufacture according to drawings, sketches or samples on specialized and high efficient CNC turning- and milling centres as well as automatic flame-cutting machines. Made in Europe.


„Our bottom blocks are not disposable in use, due to their extremely robust construction, through regular maintenance and repairs, sometimes for decades. That is sustainable. “

René Stutz, Sales department bottom blocks

Robust design

Our bottom blocks last thanks to solid construction and high quality materials.

Easy reeving

Removable caps make the reeving easy.

Precise and simple

Simple processing according to drawing, sketch or sample.

Well informed

Approval drawing for every order and standard documentation with every delivery.


30 years Know-How have gone into our production and development for customer specific solutions for the bottom blocks.
Every bottom block undergoes a detailed functional test before delivery.


We deliver tailor-made solutions for maximum efficiency. Robust performed steel construction to ensure maximum service life.

Surface protection and lubrication

Corrosion prevention with high quality paints – also multiple coats on request
Conservation of functional and contact surfaces
Pre-lubrication and re-lubrication for all bearings


Hook certificate according DIN 15404 part 1
Rope pulleys test report according DIN EN 10204‑2.2
Overall drawing with bill of materials
Maintenance- and operating instructions
Electrical connection plan

Additional services

Competent advice provided by our product experts
Application analysis for the determining of the optimal design
Rotation lock for locking the hook position
Weighing equipment for a precise evaluation of the lifting load

And much more

Heat protection suitable for the use in high temperature conditions (e.g. steelworks)
Additional plug fittings for operation of e.g. lifting magnet
Designs also for nuclear facilities
Electrical insulation

We are there.

Our team will be happy to help you with questions about our components.

René Stutz

René Stutz

Sales Bottom Blocks
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