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Electro-hydraulic thrusters

Electro-hydraulic thruster according DIN 15430, for the opening and closing of brakes of any types.

The electro-hydraulic thrusters from our company are designed for the continuous operation up to 2,000 operations per hour and deliver a lifting force of 230 to 3.000 N.


“2,000 operations per hour are not only for Formula One.”

Dennis Priebe, Sales department thrusters

High quality housing

A high quality aluminium casting for heavy duty continuous operation.

Flexible application

Vertical, inclined or horizontal installation position is possible.


Test report for every thruster.


Eletro-hydraulic thrusters according to DIN 15430 for opening and closing of brakes of all types, for the operation of the rollers, flaps or switches, to switch mechanical coupling or for the valve and flap control.
Before delivery takes place, every lifting equipment have to undergo a detailed inspection, including an extensive test run.


Designed for continuous operation (100% ED), our electro-hydraulic thrusters deliver a lifting force of 230 – 3,000 N and a piston stroke up to 300 mm. With up to 2,000 operations per hour and low maintenance, our thrusters make a significant contribution to the standard stability of our brakes.

Surface protection and lubrication

  • Corrosion prevention with high quality paint – also multiple coats on request
  • Conservation with Tectyl or spray oil
  • Special painting in RAL-colours according to the customer requirement


  • Test report
  • Maintenance- and operating instructions

Additional services

  • Mechanical or inductive limit switch
  • Lowering and lifting valve for infinitly extension of the lowering and lifting time
  • Rapid switching for the reduction of the lowering time of the piston
  • Brake spring (c-spring) for generating the brake force
  • Return spring
  • Damping spring (on c-spring) for damping the aperiodic oscillation of the brake
  • Additional heating for low tempetarure service

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Dennis Priebe

Dennis Priebe

Sales Brakes, Rails & Rail Clamping Systems
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